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High quality visuals to remember

Our mission is to create high-end visuals with impact. Specialized in 3D, retouching, and graphic design, we deliver the wow-effect for agencies, studios, photographers and companies. In Swiss quality, of course.


3D Renderings

Bringing visions to life

When a product or service seems impossible to visualize with traditional photography, the power of 3D becomes obvious. We can achieve impressive visuals with endless possibilities, no matter whether the product already exists or not.

Retouching & Composing

Making it „pop“

No matter if beauty retouching, complex composings for advertising visuals or color grading: We have the skills to create literally everything out of an image.

Graphic Design

Bringing it all together

With more than 10 years of experience in the advertising industry, we know how to create beatiful layouts, websites, brandings, logos and basically everything that has to look and work great. So you're getting it all from one source. Awesome, isn't it?

Concept & creative sparring

Shaping up ideas

The biggest campaign will be useless if the core idea lacks accuracy and creativity. We create (or help you to develop) great ideas and concepts for your next campaign. Rent our brains and let's shape up ideas together.


Oly Stingel

Founder, Art Director, 3D Artist, Graphic Designer

Laura Heussi Rubin

Founder, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film & VFX Artist
Collaborating in a versatile network along with graphic designers, photographers, interior designers, animators, illustrators, copywriters and other creatives, we are able to assemble just the right team of professionals for every imaginable project. neeon was founded in 2020 by art director Oly Stingel in Bern, Switzerland.

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