Regiobank Solothurn Management Report

Agency: ComMix (during employment as art director)
Client: Regiobank Solothurn
Photographer: Micha Riechsteiner
Project details: This is one of the management reports we've designed for the Regiobank Solothurn. The concept was to visualize the strong local foothold in their market area as well as the customer intimacy they can provide thanks to their closeness. The company's claim banking the way I want it was defined as the common theme for this report. So we decided to shoot some images in their market area in and around Solothurn and build stories around their brand values. The image concept provides that the focus of the images lies on everyday situations within the client's market area, or the locations itself. In order to make the visual concept a bit more unique, the stories should be told without showing any faces. So the The emotional requirements of the imagery were very high and only convertible with the right light conditions and camera angles. Some pages of the management report are presented below.

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